Friday, May 21, 2010

Compelling Quotes about the OCP Education Team

Traveling throughout the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, often on bicycles and motorcycles, and working in small groups, the education team brings information to the Reserve's residents on sustainable use of their natural resources, ways to share those resources with wildlife to the benefit of all, and to generally improve the quality of life of the people of the Ituri Forest.

“We now realize that, if these threats are not tackled, our children will be poorer than ourselves”, people reported to GIC educator TOLIBA in Niania.

"We appreciate the support of your organization (GIC) to allow you come this far (to Isiro) on a very bad road to teach us about conservation. You should come back regularly, even though it is hard and costly”, said Thomas MISSA, Police Commander in Isiro.

“We need conservation lesson brochures you produced for all our primary schools, because their help teachers prepare their lessons and make up the mind of our children for their future responsibility on nature”, said Atilite BASONGA, a school director in Isiro.

“Bring more topics for radio programs, even though they are prepared in Kiswahili, as we are also experiencing more people from Kivu in this area”, said Michel ATONGBOA, Radio Nava Director.

“The last conference topic was very informative; we decided to repeat it on our radio programs in Mambasa”, said Nassor KABALA, Mambasa Radio Speaker.

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